NIKE & CRICUT: a brillant co-marketing strategy


Snipes has chosen Target Italia to implement an innovative and creative customer engagement solution in order to increase the brand reputation.

Scope of work

Snipes, one of the most important streetwear retailers in the world, has chosen Target Italia to celebrate its 25th anniversary and the launch of the Nike Air Force 1 & Dunk shoes, in a very creative way.

Our solution

Thanks to our team, we took care of the entire project management: from the supply of all the necessary materials, to the setting up and dismantling of the corner.

For this special occasion, we also had the opportunity to implement a brillant co-marketing strategy: we proposed a partnership with Cricut, which represents not only a creative outlet for all DIY enthusiasts, but also a solid ally for the craftsmen who choose it every day.

The Shopper Engagement activity consisted in a drive to store where customers could receive a free personalized t-shirt on the spot, by selecting digital transfers printed in real time thanks to a Cricut heat press.

A professional operator was able to involve the shop’s customers with great sympathy, professionalism and enthusiasm, to celebrate together the lively and expressive energy of the Snipes and Nike street culture.

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