Intel Core Ultra: An Ultra Engaging and Ultra Memorable Case of Guerrilla Marketing


In the ever-evolving digital age, promoting technology products requires innovative and engaging approaches. In response to this challenge, Target Italia created a compelling marketing strategy to promote the new Intel Core Ultra processor with AI.

Scope of work

For the launch of the new Core Ultra processor, Intel was looking for an effective strategy to stimulate demand for the new notebooks, generate drive-to-store and increase sales.

Our solution

Target Italia accepted the challenge by creating an experience that not only generated awareness of the product, but which actively stimulated demand and encouraged conversion. To achieve this goal, an out-of-home (OOH) guerrilla marketing activity was developed in some of the main Italian cities, Milan, Rome and Turin.

Two men in futuristic outfits catched the attention of passers-by with a puzzle, challenging them to solve it while explaining the extraordinary ability of artificial intelligence to do so in record time. This provocation aroused strong interest and healthy curiosity among the public, to whom stickers and explanatory leaflets on the new processor were distributed. Within these promotional materials, a QR code led directly to the online product page, amplifying interest and facilitating access to detailed information.

Most interested people were also invited to pick up a gadget in store, creating a direct flow towards one of the selected sales points.

Target Italia took care of the entire management of the activity: from the creation of the concept, to the creation of the gadgets up to the choice of the outfit and resources. More in detail, the futuristic costume was a strategic choice to create a visual connection with the theme of Artificial Intelligence and arouse curiosity and interest among passers-by. Furthermore, the use of luminous helmets not only accentuated the technological aspect, but also became a moment of active participation, thus helping to make the overall experience more engaging and Instagrammable.

Thanks to the combination of creativity and technology, Target Italia transformed the ordinary promotion of a processor into an ULTRA engaging and memorable experience, capturing the public’s imagination and generating a tangible impact on in-store and online traffic.

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