Intel takes you to te museum


Artificial intelligence has become one of the most discussed and innovative technologies of our time, attracting the attention of many companies that are investing in projects based on this revolutionary technology. In this scenario, Intel introduced its new Intel Core Ultra processor with integrated AI, while Target Italia was commissioned to create a project that not only highlighted the extraordinary capabilities of the new processor, but that it was also able to attract and engage the public significantly.

Scope of work

Promote the new Intel Core Ultra processor and show the capabilities of artificial intelligence in an educational and interactive context.

Our solution

Target Italia has conceived and designed an experiential activity at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, a location chosen precisely for its ability to combine science, innovation and technology.

The project included the setting up of an area dedicated to artificial intelligence near the entrance of the museum, thus ensuring great visibility and a strong impact on visitors.
The experiential area has been set up in a modern and interactive way, with workstations equipped with the latest notebooks with the Intel Core Ultra processor, together with a team of specialists ready to allow visitors to experience the latest technology and understand the potential of AI in various contexts.

Result? The event was a remarkable success, combining advanced technology and direct interaction, thus capturing the attention of visitors and making their experience at the museum more engaging and memorable.

The collaboration between Intel and Target Italia has shown how the union between science and innovation can create meaningful and engaging experiences for the public.

The project at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology has not only effectively promoted the new Intel Core Ultra processor, but has also helped raise awareness of the potential of artificial intelligence.

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