Brand awareness and the guerrilla marketing project that revolutionizes the role of the Concierge in Spazio Lenovo


In Milan, Spazio Lenovo is the first Lenovo and Motorola Flagship store in Europe, offering unique experiences in the world of technology.

Scope of work

The goal was to engage the business and SME target in an original and engaging way, in order to generate dive-to-store and promote Spazio Lenovo’s services through an omnichannel approach.

Our solution

Target Italia accepted the challenge, playing in an original way on some services offered by Spazio Lenovo for its customers, called Tech Concierge (first startup and configuration of Windows, data transfer from the previous device, email configuration and much more).

Two guys were hired in the guise of elegant Concierges, who wandered through the streets of Milan in order to capture the attention of passers-by and convince them to go to Spazio Lenovo to discover this fantastic Concept Store.

The Concierges, with professionalism and friendliness, took care of the distribution of The Tech Times, a “newspaper” in which the economic offer was published, together with real news on the world of Lenovo and Motorola.

The Concierge concept then concluded in the store with an elegant installation aimed at welcoming customers in an elegant and memorable way.

Parallel to the activity of the Tech Concierges, two other figures called Tech Experts took care of the specific engagement of the business target, going to visit companies and professional studios in order to show them the Store, the services offered and to give them the “emergency buzz” (aimed at recalling the usefulness of Spazio Lenovo, where it is possible to find a solution to every technological need).

The Concierge format was created with the aim of underlining the concept of “humanizing technology” of Lenovo, which through its flagship store offers customers a distinctive service that other stores do not offer or provide for a fee. At the same time, Target Italia wanted to create a direct relationship with shoppers, by implementing an attractive strategy for the traditional business target.

Target Italia took care of the entire management of the activity, from the creation of the Concept to the recruiting of the personnel involved, to the management of the Guerrilla activities up to the conception and creation of gadgets and costumes. In this way, Target Italia increased the visibility of the brand and its Flagship Store in an original and fun way.

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