Logitech experiential areas


Inside the MediaWorld Tech Village in Rome and in Milan, Logitech opens two real technological “Shops”. Two innovative hubs to communicate product characteristics and ensure a superior customer experience.

Scope of work

Create a functional space where you can touch and test the full range of Logitech products.

Logitech relied on Target to carry out the entire project. The objective? Knowing how to respond to the requests of the most demanding shoppers is in line with the company’s mission of developing tools and technologies to meet the different demands of users.

Our solution

An ambitious project that saw the creation of design areas able to reflect the different souls of the Logitech brand: a corner designed for the most demanding gamers, a site for streamers & creators and a space entirely dedicated to accessories.

In addition, for the duration of the experience in the shop, visitors can count on the trained and qualified staff to answer every question and curiosity. The result is astonishing, an idea to bring technology to life more interactive, intense and fun.

Our results

Products demo each month

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