La Gardenia and Limoni launch a Fashion Box


La Gardenia and Limoni wanted to introduce the new Escada fragrances in a completely original way.

Scope of work

During Fashion Week, the most famous brands in the cosmetics industry wanted to introduce Escada’s new fragrances to their audience. The goal was to take advantage of the most visible period of the year to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness.

Our solution

Target Italia created a “fashion box” in Milan to make the consumers’ encounter with Escada’s scented notes even more special. Ten carefully selected, beautiful, expert saleswomen engaged the customers with vibrancy and elegance.

Dressed for the occasion in fuchsia, the brand’s colour, they invited passers-by to try out the fragrances while handing out samples and free gifts. The hostesses also attracted passers-by’s curiosity along the city centre’s main streets. They spread Escada’s intoxicating essences everywhere, thus helping to increase traffic to the stand.

Six really intense and strategic days for brand communication, during an event that attracts more and more visitors and tourists and generates a compelling 28 million euro revenue in Milan and Lombardy.


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