Huawei Ascend P6 Demo Days


Promoting the launch of new products requires innovative solutions. To launch the new Ascend P6, promotional days were held in ten stores across Italy.

Scope of work

The objective of the Huawei campaign was to increase Brand Awareness and sell-out of the new Ascend P6. The biggest challenge for the brand was to maximise the results of the promotional days, selecting different touchpoints, both physical (stores) and digital (email and web), to offer the customer a 360° customer experience. In addition, it was necessary to create a positive relationship with the sales staff to showcase the features of Huawei products and facilitate the bond with the brand.

Our solution

Target carried out Demo Days, designing a shopper marketing strategy involving ten stores across Italy and divided into five main points:

– Engage Brand Ambassador

– Traffic generation

– Demo

– Store staff training

– Engage customer

In addition to overseeing the stores, influencing the purchasing process and representing the brand, Brand Ambassadors also had an essential online role. They had to be active on social networks, follow the specially created editorial calendar and post the different contents daily.

During promotional days, they were given an Ascend P6 to perform practical demonstrations depending on the customer in front of them.

To capture attention and engage the customer in the shop, we played with the pronunciation of the brand. Our Brand Ambassadors had to challenge customers to pronounce “Huawei” correctly.

A good Brand Ambassador must be able to offer the right product to the right customer, so we profiled four typical consumers based on their needs and smartphone usage:

– Connectors: users who consider the smartphone a tool that increases productivity.

– Enthusiasts: those who are always on the lookout for the latest innovation on the market.

– Essentials: users who look at the usefulness of a smartphone and prefer the ease of use.

– Independent: For them, the smartphone has an identity function and serves to reinforce their image.

After the product demo, the Brand Ambassador had the task of inviting the customer to try the Ascend P6 by playing Candy Crash and sharing their Huawei experience on social media. Once the demo was over, they could distribute gadgets: a mobile phone holder to attach to the power socket.

To publicise the event, flyers were distributed, and a DEM newsletter was sent to a list of users to invite them to try out the Ascend P6 in store.

In both the newsletter and the flyer, a challenge was issued to underline one of the main features of the new Huawei product, namely “to find this much technology and design in a thickness of just 6.18 mm”. The newsletter also contained a teaser about the gadget and a call to action to the point of sale.

The last point in our strategy was the store staff training. In the store, the brand ambassador was responsible for creating a positive relationship with the sales staff and exhibiting the features of Huawei products. With the store’s consent, “formal” training could be organised, and a specialist trainer could be invited.

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