Intel ti premia: scopri l’ingrediente segreto


From entertainment to education, from industry to medicine: the key role of information technology is now evident in any sector and involves several generations. How to make computer language more accessible to all? Target Italia took care of it!

Scope of work

Did you see CPU abbreviation on a PC and don’t know what it means? Intel, the world leader in producing microprocessors, was looking for an easier and more immediate way to tell its technology, engage the shopper and increase the brand consideration and recognition.

Our solution

Target Italia took up the challenge by using a culinary metaphor in a funny and unique way.

Think about PC as a kitchen of the restaurant, where the RAM is like the countertop, the Storage drive is like the pantry, and the Processor is the chef who mix the ingredients and prepares delicious meals.

We have created “Intel ti premia: scopri l’ingrediente segreto” contest. Everyone who bought a PC with Intel CPU in participating stores, would have had the opportunity to win an annual subscription to a kitchen magazine and a delicious dinner prepared by a chef at home.

Target Italia took care of the whole project management, starting from the choice of the creative concept, to the shooting for the launch of the campaign and the creation of communication assets and promotional materials (brochures, gadgets, ecc.).

In-store promoters were also dressed as chefs. Just like cuisine experts, they had the task of making customer “taste” the secret ingredient of every PC: the processor. It is like a skilled chef who makes the difference and allows the PC to execute more instructions in the shortest possible time, improving overall performance.

What’s the result? Promoting an Intel processor has never been so “creative”!

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