Sungevity chooses Target Italia to promote photovoltaics


Sungevity, a Dutch company founded in 2012, specialises in the renewable energy sector. Implementing a campaign to promote the use of photovoltaics requires innovative ideas and the gathering of new prospects.

Scope of work

The mission was to “accelerate the energy transition towards a sustainable future by involving thousands of families”. The company is based in Amsterdam, but it also operates in other European countries like Belgium, Germany, and England. It would like to expand into the Italian market and improve its brand awareness. The aim was to get in touch with potential buyers to increase interest in photovoltaics and transform them into prospects.

Our solution

Target adopted an innovative approach by implementing a prospect collection campaign. The first day of face-to-face training with the client was essential to engage the brand ambassadors and make them feel part of a team. To consolidate the team, we carried out new selections and continuous one-to-one and one-to-many training by our trainers throughout the campaign.

The training included:

– Company presentation

– Operation of the photovoltaic system

– Possible approach to customers

– Compilation of the report

– Distribution of materials (flyers, information request forms, campaign questions).

The synergy between Sungevity, Target Italia and the Brand Ambassadors was fundamental. Specifically, they had to:

– Reach the homes provided by the client. The addresses were of homes previously selected through prior roof screening. Each resource was initially assigned a panel of addresses close to home and then expanded.

– If the person was at home, the resource was to carry out a short survey. If no one was at home or the person was not interested, a flyer was to be left with all the information and contact details.

– Collect the contact details of the lead who would get a free roof scan, only after responding to the CTA in the email.

– Have the privacy and GDPR forms signed for data collection, which are essential for the re-use of contacts.

Daily contact with the resources allowed us to get constructive feedback as the process developed so that the strategy could be modified as the work progressed.

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