Intel rewards Target Italia’s RCR team


Award received for the effectiveness of Q2 Brand Advocacy operations.

Award received for the effectiveness of Q2 Brand Advocacy operations

Our mystery clients experienced increased awareness and engagement, with salespeople recommending Intel products 95% of the time.

The team consists of:

– 3 RCR agents (Retail Channel Representatives) who provide training, coaching, and events and monitor the situation in the field on a day to day basis.

– 15 ISS (In-Store Specialists) who can spread the brand’s word even in the stores that are difficult for RCRs to reach.

The work of all these specialists is coordinated by the Team Leader, who sends information and actions from the field to Intel and vice versa.

Luca Galimberti, Team Leader for Intel, commented: “We are very proud of the result obtained. The constant and synergic work of the whole team has allowed us to improve our performance further thanks to our ability to communicate the advantages of Intel products to the sales staff in the most important retail chains, who, in turn, showcase the benefits of the products to consumers and recommend their purchase”.

Before coordinating resources, Luca Galimberti oversaw the North-West area of Italy, managing around 92 stores as RCR.

Therefore, in his current role, he has a clear view of the strategic and operational aspects of the team. His advice to colleagues is to have “eyes and ears at the ready and a smile on your face, to build strong relationships with sales staff and retailers”.

The EMEA meeting was held in Budapest from 23rd to 26th September and, as with every year, it was an important opportunity for exchange between all RCRs and professionals in Europe: not only to define common goals and training activities but also to socialise and increase the sense of belonging to the Intel team.

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