A new and engaging training approach


Ongoing training should not be just a duty but also, and above all, a pleasure. Finding innovative solutions makes it possible to create increasingly engaging approaches.

Scope of work

Target organised a training event at Casa Mediaword. The objective was to engage salespeople in eight 90-minute challenging training sessions. In addition, in classrooms with more than 25 people, Brands had to hold the attention while effectively conveying the key selling points of their products. A challenge that Target Italia took up with enthusiasm, successfully experimenting with a new and engaging format focused on mentalism.

Our solution

By combining the psychological principles of illusionism, mentalism and prestidigitation, we were able to build a high-impact training course with valuable content, thanks to the advice of our product experts. The innovative methodology used to expose the key selling points and values of the Brand makes them indelible in the minds of those who participate.

Thanks to simulations and role-play training, learning becomes interactive, allowing salespeople to experience the work dynamics from a different point of view. All based on tools, not illusions!

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