In-store and out of store Footprint tracking


Accurately measuring results and tracking behaviour is a prerogative of online and physical touchpoints. Knowing the characteristics of the technologies allows you to get the most out of them.

Scope of work

During the Intel Enter the Future experience, it was necessary to track, in real-time, the return on investment of the operation to take corrective measures to optimise results. The goal was to collect reliable data on in-store and out-of-store activities, relying on a truly comprehensive analytics solution leveraging mobile devices and a special algorithm to interpret the data correctly. Opportunities to See. Views. Visitors. Dwell time. Leads. Conversions are the key performance indicators that were measured, as they can be consulted online in real-time thanks to intuitive and customisable dashboards, that can also be used on mobile devices. They make it possible to measure an offline campaign in the same way as an online one: views, engagement and transactions.

Our solution

Target supported Intel in designing technology to optimise results. To achieve the desired goals, Target relied on a data collection sensor. The data collection sensor is easy to use and does not require a network: Thanks to its integrated SIM card that allows the information collected to be transferred online. Small, compact and battery-powered, it can be placed anywhere, even in a display unit.

In addition, the Geofencing feature enabled the client to gain a better understanding of the target group by collecting demographic data such as age, gender and lifestyle. In this way, the client had clear and precise data in real-time on the return on investment of the operation, which allowed them to verify their satisfaction and effectiveness.

Footprint tracking in-store e out of store - dashboard

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